PSA: Don't experiment with something new with a reworked champion in a ranked game.

{{champion:83}}'s rework came out this week, and I have been seeing a lot of potential in the champion. He is very good at split-pushing, and in certain situations, can be a very big threat. HOWEVER, if you are new to the champion rework, please do not jump straight into ranked with them. Furthermore, if you are experimenting with a new build, or want to try them in an off-meta role, PLEASE DO IT IN A NORMAL GAME. I just finished a game where a Yorick went full AP mid-lane and ended on a score of 2/13/6. After he fed the mid lane fizz, he afk-pushed top and only got one tower down, and died within seconds of team-fighting, because he was not built for AP. TL;DR Don't experiment with new champions/builds in ranked games before trying it out in norms.
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