Is TFT the reason why there hasn't been as many updates to League's engine and UI lately?

I mean, Riot's kept the updates rolling on things like: 1. Skins. 2. Champ updates, and new champs, and reworks. 3. News updates. But what seems to have almost totally died is any updates or new features to League's more complex core, such as: 1. The client UI. 2. The in-game UI. 3. The game engine. This baffeled me for a while, and then suddenly I see Teamfight Tactics come out, and I notice that it appears to run entirely on the same engine, and same UI as League. So now I'm thinking that they must have moved the entire League development teams that have any knowledge of the game engine, and everyone that has any knowledge of the UI code, to work on TFT, and this must have happened quite some time ago. Is this permanent? I mean, did Riot basically abandon League's UI and League's engine forever? I wanted to say "I hope not", but it seems to have already happened. So I guess I'll say "I wish it hadn't".
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