The champions I don't enjoy playing against

Not necessarily OP or a QQ thread but here's a list of champions that are just infuriating for me to play against and that literally suck out the joy of my game: {{champion:268}} (np didn't want that CS anyway) {{champion:31}} (np didn't want to cast spells anyway) {{champion:105}} (stupid mobility) {{champion:150}} (stupid mobility, free sustain, no mana) {{champion:74}} (see Azir notes) {{champion:429}} (np didn't want that baron/dragon anway, np didn't want to kill your support anyway, stupid mobility) {{champion:76}} (stupid mobility, I can dodge the spears tho) {{champion:223}} (np didn't want to really kill that adc anyway, bonus points for teammate trolling) {{champion:17}} (np didn't want that CS ayway, np didn't want to move anyway, np just take 30% of my hp with a shroom) No matter what I seem to do these champions can't really be outplayed and not once have I ended a game with the thought that these champions are actually fun to play with/against. So what's your list? :)
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