Is anyone else still upset ranked is fucked?

I am sitting at a 55% win rate with over 150 games played in diamond. I managed to climb through D4 getting 13-14 lp a win and 20-21 a loss. I just demoted out of d3 because I took 4 days off of league for real life. But I am holding a very high win rate yet there are people who are ranked higher with an under 50% win ratio EVEN AFTER ALL THE RESETS!!! Why am I getting punished, started at plat 4 this season, trying to climb with ridiculous lp losses and these people who cant even hold a 50% win get to stay in masters and higher...... A few examples: Masters with a 46% win rate: Masters with a 50% win rate: Masters with a 50% win rate: Masters with a 45% win rate: D1 with a 47 win rate: and me: hardstuck D4 with a 55% win rate because im getting 14 lp a win:
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