Dear Boards, which ADC dou you want to be meta?

Just this question, because when it was the ardent meta and all the "point and click-no skill" I thought people wanted Ezreal and MF to be meta because EZ dmg is based on skillshots and MF Q double can be avoid by good positioning/ her ultimate can be stopped by cc and she cant move while ulting. And I'm fine with Riot nerfing Ez Q dmg because he needed to do less dmg, also the MF nerf on E was fair but for what I read this days on Boards is that you guys don't want either MF or EZ to be meta. (And if you want my opinion about Vayne I will just tell that she's my every game ban unless I'm MF and Yasuo windwall is open, don't think I defend this champ) And you don't need to go check my most played champs to know I'm biased: I'm a ADC main, my most played champs are Cait-MF-Ashe-Ezreal and I can play in a decent way for my elo every adc with 2 exceptions that are Draven and Twicht. So I ask again: Which adcs would you want to be meta? Because I have the feeling that some of you guys just hate the adcs and you will not be happy until they are removed from this game.
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