Item idea for on-hit junglers

{{item:1419}} Enchantment Thunder = {{item:3715}} + {{item:2015}} Kircheis shard + {{item:1042}} dagger 50% attack speed **unique**: basic attacks does 20 (+20% attack speed) bonus magic damage on hit (based on your level) **unique**: moving or attacking grands charges. At 100 charges next basic attack releases a lighting which does 100% attack speed as bonus magic damage up to 5 enemies in a chain --- This item concept is for on-hit champions that allow them to make some impact early game while allow them to scale late game. It's damage benefits from attack speed so items like Wits End, Rageblade, Triforce and many more attack speed item will be great for the item and on-hit based junglers The issue is that current Bloodrazor is pretty bad early game because the damage at this point does not exists and Warrior is an example that outclasses it. Because of the lack of damage on-hit junglers are forced to stay in the jungle and farm rather than applying pressure to the enemy lane opponents. For 10 minutes you can lose a laner therefor farming the jungle becomes far harder and sometimes impossible.
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