Dynamic queue = Boosted

I have read multiple posts today and something interesting came into my mind and that is now i have started using the word "Boosted" more often ever since the release of dynamic queue, simply because probably a high percentage of players now did not earn their rank alone and got boosted by their friends as a 5 man team which counts as Solo Q . I mean it is kinda over for us its impossible to climb to high ranks now thanks to dynamic queue , it is impossible unless you have 2 man friends to boost you. I understand riot made dynamic queue to make the game team play oriented but at the same time ruined most peoples experience to play the game . Their new emblem system does not offer us anything and does not fix what they have done, do you expect an emblem to make a player quit abusing the system they created ? Nope everyone wants to win and they will do it even if it shows they got boosted.
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