Bard is What CertainlyT's Champions Should Strive to Be

Everyone already knows that CertainlyT's champions always introduce some interesting new mechanic that while fun for the player, isn't exactly interactive or fun for anyone else in the game. The thing is, champions don't _need_ to be aggravating to play against in order to introduce new mechanics to the game. Take Bard for example. Bard is an incredibly unique champion that introduces a new and interesting mechanic with each and every one of his abilities. However, unlike champions like Yasuo or Zoe, Bard is fun to play against for the enemy as well. Bard has clear counterplay in many of his abilities and he also doesn't get a safety net - if he screws up it can actually cost him or his team greatly. Just my thoughts on the subject. I've always like Bard due to how he's unique and fun to play against at the same time, something that unfortunately CertainlyT's champions haven't achieved.
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