6.9 balance hotfix going out soon

Hey all, We've got a balance hotfix that, all going according to plan, should be going out sometime late this week or early next week. It contains small to moderate buffs to Swain, Vlad and Cass and a small to moderate nerf to Malz. Our expectation is that we'll do additional work on each of those champions in the next patch too (these changes won't address all their issues). This hotfix isn't intended to be a massive change, more to take the edge off major balance outliers while we assess the reworked kit's learning curves, the state of the meta and work on additional changes. We're also looking at whether the Ocean Drake buff is too strong with one stack and might also make adjustments to that before 6.10, not sure yet. Tentative change lists: Cassiopeia: More useability and general power on Twin Fangs. Future changes (non hotfix) likely to focus on other skills) * E Cooldown to 0.75 from 0.9 * E Mana cost to 40-80 from 60-80 * E Range back to the previous range model (700 range center to center instead of 550 range edge to edge). On average slightly longer against small targets (like most other mid laners and minions), slightly shorter against large targets (like most tanks) Malzahar: Higher mana costs to constrain pushing and jungling, less safe jungling, slightly weaker ult * Q mana cost to 80 from 60 * W mana cost to 80 from 60 * Neutral monster damage reduction to 50% from 75% * R damage to 5/7/9% from 6/8/10% Swain: Increased damage on Q to account for its lower consistency, bug fix * Q damage to 30-110 from 25-85 * R cast time on toggle on removed (unintended, shouldn't have shipped) Vlad: Adding power, mid game especially, and increasing healing from empowered Q, in part to offset E cost * Q empowered missing health ratio increased to 4% AP from 2.5% * E base damage increased to 30-90/60-180 from 30-70/60-140
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