Nocturnes rework.

Umbra Blades- Add Lethality per level to the Umbra Blade proc. Lvl1 8 Lethality-lvl 18 30 Lethality. Q- Add Lethality to the Q missle itself(Not to Nocturne) 10/20/30/40/50.(Gives him the ability to have a relevant poke). W-Keep it the same. E-Keep it the same. R- Complete rework, but essentially the same theme. Press R "Darkness" map goes dark for enemies. Nocturne fades off the map and becomes untargetable for 6seconds(Picture a Thanos snap). Nocturne now literally doesnt exist on the map. Nocturne chooses a target(Same as now). If Nocturne doesnt select a target, he re-appears in an area of his choosing(requires vision of said area) Click R a second time to prematurely engage the option to ult to a location rather than a target. Instead of flying towards his target, Nocturne emerges from within his target(Picture Kayn ult)- dealing zero damage, but instantly Fearing them for 1.5seconds, allowing him a guarenteed follow up with his E, but still leaving room for Flash counterplay. For 7seconds after emerging from his target, Nocturne is a untargetable shadow figure within a cloud of smoke(Picture Graves Smoke bomb). While in this cloud, Nocturne cannot be hit with targeted abilities or autoattacks BUT can still be hit with skill shots. The cloud moves with nocturne and lasts 7 seconds. Enemies inside the cloud are able to attack Nocturne, but are blinded to the outside. Enemies outside of the cloud can only hit Nocturne with skill shots. Kills and assists give a small windowed recast time. 2nd idea for R rework. Nocturne presses R. "Darkness"- same as now. Instead of selecting a target, his ultimate becomes a very long range and wide skill shot in which he launches himself and is untargetable while in this flight. He spreads his blades wide, and under them drags multiple Duskblade casts(The idea is to fly over an entire team and hit them all with Duskblade). Upon landing he unleashes a larger than normal Umbra Blade cleave.

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