Everyone has the right to have an opinion, no matter the elo

So stop with things such as "you are a low elo" and other ad hominem fallacies. For example, let's say that a Bronze V says "Master Yi is OP and must be nerfed". Is his opinion wrong? Yes. Is that because he is a Bronze V? No. How you would reply to that claim? Would you say "Master Yi is not OP because he is vulnerable to CC and is squishy"? Or would you say "Master Yi is not OP, shut up, you are just a low elo, stop talking about balance"? Let's also say that this same Bronze V says "Ekko needs to have a mana cost on his ultimate". Is his opinion wrong? No. Would you really disregard that because he is a Bronze V player? Honestly people that do that make me sick, no matter if someone is Bronze V or Diamond I, attacking the people's elo is NEVER a good argument. If you don't agree with someone's claim, you have the right to do so, as long as you provide reasonal counter arguments to that claim. If you are just saying things such as "you are a low elo, you can't talk about balance" then you are just harassing that player and honestly I would report you to the moderators. It surprises me to see how much people on this boards are obsessed with balance to that point.
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