dear mr riot, in 8 years of playing game quality has never been so low

tldr: 50%+ of games feel like a waste of time. balance has been bad since season 5 juggernaut patch, descending even further to mega super bad this year. i dont post here much anymore since boards are kinda special-ed, but hopefully riot still reads some of these. most of my games are decided by 15 minutes. maybe they drag out another 5-10 minutes, but there's almost nothing you can do to comeback if you are behind. previous seasons felt like maybe 25% of my games were blow outs, now its probably closer to 50%. about a third of my games end <=20 minutes. it feels like a waste of time when you are in these games, even on the winning side. you dont hit mid game before their 4-0 busted meta champ is just an unstoppable 1v9 god and all your outer turrets are gone. there is almost no macro strategy anymore. the game revolves around who is snowballing to insanity off of a couple ganks. my last 16 games did not even last long enough for the elder dragon to spawn. also, please stop balancing the game with a sledgehammer. this has been your go to technique since the season 5 juggernaut patch. "lets just massively fuck shit up in the middle of the season!" i suspect the reason is to shake up the pro meta enough to see different champions played, but id rather just play a reasonably balanced game 75% of the year. if every champions usefulness was more situational, you wouldnt have to rotate metas. "ok bruisers and assassins, its your turn to be busted now! see you next year adcs and tanks!"

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