"Gender Roles"

I am interested in how the poll turns out. What is your gender and what role do you mostly play in the game? I've heard of these stereotypes: Top and JG: Very "male" roles. Top is all about physicality and being the 1 vs 1, making your own way, independence. The JG gives you a tough Australian hunter vibe and that's usually more appealing to males. Mid: A mixed bag. Champs like Zed and Yasuo will appeal more to males while someone like Lux or Annie might appeal to a substantial number of female players in addition to males. ADC: A very mixed bag. Probably more popular with males just because there's such a mythic over-emphasis on the ADC having to damage solo carry the whole team all the time. More males (compared to females) are willing to devote the hours necessary to try and perfect the mechanics necessary for this kind of pre-mediated video game violence. Support: Highest proportion of female players. Supports are seen as nurturing, friendly, helpful, protective (but in a non-murderous way), and social. Many females are stereotyped to be more able to put aside their ego for the good of the team while males would go... "I just sit there and let the ADC farm/damage-carry? **** this." Now lets put it to the test.
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