What is the point of shielding as Tahm now?

I've played quite a bit with the hotfix version of Tahm now. His lockdown is terrible now, but his pick and gank potential with a 3 second 70% slow is insane. The one thing that I really don't get now is the fact that he now heals for 100% of gray hp that you don't use. His shield used to be the one bit of skill where if you don't shield you only regen about 30% of gray health, but if you shield properly you have the chance to "regen" 100% of it. Now your two options when jungling or laning are: back off and regen 100% of gray health, or shield and potentially regen 0%. There is no more reward to shielding unless you're about to die, at which point you'll probably die even if you shield because Kench has no escapes. Once you get a spirit visage, the risk/reward ratio is even worse. I just don't get why this change was made.
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