Dear Riot, I'm breaking up with you.

Dear Riot, I have played over 3000 ARAM matches and there are some things that I just can't live with anymore. You're going to need to pack your things and move out. With the introduction of new runes, its become the worst one sided mode I've ever played. The teams are not that random anymore. The system pits very one sided matches more than ever now. Once you get into the match and anyone has the wrong runes, (i don't mean they picked tank runes over AP), but specifically the wrong runes inside the tree, than it is so terrible the team has no chance of recovering during the match. If the other team gets ahead a little bit, then they snowball so hard you have no way to come back by 10 min and your team sits there waiting to FF. Some teams are made up with so little damage (tank support vs ADC) you get smeared for 15 min until you can ff. Further more, if you have a player that is trying the character for the first time, they are completely useless and would do better staying at base AFK. There is no in between. If you are on the team that has better damage, its actually boring. I've never been in more matches where one team is down 2-3 levels by the 12 min mark. It was fun, but no matter how many over priced emotes, the underwhelming chests (I bought a 10 pack once a month), and no point in Blue essence, It's time to find a place to live Riot. Season 8 doesn't interest me even though I had interest in really pouring all my effort into ranked for once. The rotating game modes don't rotate that much. URF was fun and I might stick around for a couple matches, but hey, RIOT, we had a good time for a while eh? I know its hard to break up, but I think its easier if we just cut it clean. No more late night grinding for some IP to buy the next character. Now you only have one currency and its pretty crap to try and earn enough for anything. The freedom to level as high as you want could have been pretty cool, but the rewards are underwhelming. I guess you know what you're doing Riot and I don't fit in your life. Its time to move on and find someone that really likes you for you. You know things have been going down hill for a while and you kept promising you would change for the better. You can't keep trying to live off my paycheck. You've been lazy and it's time for you to strike out on your own and get a job. Please don't drunk dial me and think we can get back together. There are plenty of fish in the sea that have couches you can sleep on. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you this in person, I didn't want the drama. Sincerely, Buckshot Baby P.S. I want my sweatshirt back, and my Magic cards.
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