I feel so stupid for failing to pick or ban champions in draft mode now.

I'm not used to the new client just yet and everytime i have to ban or pick a champion i can't tell easily if im picking while im looking at other things on the client like my runes or masteries, talking to friends etc. There is the text prompt informing me above my username but I'm just so used to seeing my username get a massive highlight giving my attention to pick or ban a champion. I might as well just remove my eyes and replace them with bombs because I'm too stupid to exist. https://static.simpsonswiki.com/images/thumb/1/11/Itchy_%26_Scratchy_bombs.png/250px-Itchy_%26_Scratchy_bombs.png?NoRedirect Sorry Riot but if you can in the future perhaps put a bright highlight if people are picking or banning champions please? I accidentally dodged 2 normal draft games because of my retardedness.
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