Why Darius is easily my most hated champion in league

Okay. so keep in mind this is all my opinion and im just going on a LONG over due rant. Hi, im asome232, a gold 5 {{champion:85}} Main i've been playing league for about 3 years now. over the course of this game there have been champs i've had very mixed opinions on. but one champion, one fucking champion that never ceases to earn my scorn is {{champion:122}}. Now for any of you that play champions like {{champion:75}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:78}} this is probably a no brainer why you hate this champs guts. Lets, however assume that everyone is a fucking vayne main and can kite perfectly like our lord and savior Doublelift and they have no idea why Darius is such cancer to play against. Well lucky for you i've condensed my reasoning into 5 easy to understand steps 1. His passive. Just his passive. it makes his level 1 a nightmare, it procs black clever so it it does even more damage as it goes on, BECAUSE it works so well with his passive its the only damage item he's ever gonna need, not to mention since it reduces armor so much and he has built in pen he basically does true damage to you. not to mention the infamous 5 stacks that make him do adc levels of damage. it also means that even if he has no escape, he can just 1v2 cause his passive is contagious. 2. his ult. from a simple stat stand point he easily has the best execute in the game, its true damage, it scales better with his passive that straight up ad so you don't even need that much damage to do a lot. then rito in all there grace and glory thought it was a good idea to give him a reset..... okay.... 3. his "counterplay". Darius is a champion that you DON'T want to have extended trades with. ranged or melee, tanky or squishy, its generally not a good idea to get close to him. So how do you outplay his Q? by getting close to him.... wut. His primary weakness is supposed to be getting kited but his range is actually really good for a melee champ and his sticking power is insane with a pull and a slow that doubles as an auto reset so kiting him without any kind of peel can actually be hard in certain match ups. 4. his scaling. There are people who would claim that Darius becomes useless late game. This is false. while he certainly isn't at his best late game darius is plenty useful. he can get picks with his grad, his passive makes him a monster if he can get it off and his Q assures that he'll survive for a long time even if he's not building tanky. True damage never drops off so as long as darius has an R button he will ALWAYS be useful. so unlike other pure cheese champs like {{champion:80}} who really need to snowball in order to be useful, darius doesn't have that issue, he's an early game bully that has the potential to be a late game team fight monster. because why not. 5. his character. what draws me to a champion in the first place is their design and personality. like {{champion:266}} for instance looks fucking awesome making me want to play him even if he isn't that amazing and {{champion:78}} has an extremely likeable personality. making someone like myself, who doesn't particularly enjoy her style of play, be interested in playing her. Darius however, is just a fucking asshole. He looks like a roided up 40 year old man going through a mid life crisis. his weapon i find to be lacking in any kind of uniqueness overall he's not an interesting character in the slightest. and a bonus reason, he's in my opinion the easiest champion in the game, cause you do damage while being tanky and just needs to go in. anyway, TLDR, fuck darius, he's an annoying broken mess that i wish was nerfed, gutted and left to drown in a sea of his own blood.
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