Remember when they removed attack speed from Youmuus?

Patch 6.22: The base stats attached to Youmuu’s Ghostblade were a bit of a grab-bag for physical damage, making it useful for basically every AD-focused champion. **Most of its unintended users benefit too much from the active’s attack speed, so we’re removing it.** ATTACK SPEED IS NOT AN ASSASSIN STAT! Why is Sanguine blade giving LIFESTEAL AND ATTACK SPEED. You removed ZZroot and banner of command and deemed them as unhealthy for the game. Yet you are making assassins the split pushing classes? Who can deal with a split pusher that will one shot you with 2.5 attack speed and 500 AD? on top of 80 Lethality? Easy solution: Another broken split pusher with Sanguine blade. Can't deal with Tryndamere? Just Send Nocturne with sanguine blade.
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