These Refund numbers are DISGUSTING I mean who even did the math on these returns? 100IP PER level 3 Mark, Glyph and Seal **regardless **of its original cost???? AT ITS BEST you are getting a EVEN return with the 100IP costing runes and at the WORST we are only getting back 12% of what we payed with those runes that costed 820. **THIS ISNT EVEN COUNTING THE ORIGINAL PRICES SOME OF US PAYED BEFORE THE GREAT RUNE PRICE REDUCTIONS** ** THE REFUND SHOULD NOT BE STATIC. THIS IS ACTUALLY AWFUL AND PUNISHING TO PLAYERS WHO BOUGHT INTO THE ERRATIC PRICING SYSTEM OF RUNES.** Im going to be SEVERELY disappointed if that teased pricing doesn't change or the refund numbers dont get adjusted before this thing hits. Shame on you Riot. You guys are better than this. treating us like layman who cant do simple math. So in other words those rune refund ratios are a huge Scammaz. STOP TRYING TO LOWBALL US. EDIT: We had a similar thread long ago addressing this issue that gained a bit of traction where the exact same concerns were voiced and feedback was given.Either Riot didnt notice or they ignored similar criticism then.
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