[Suggestion] Please add these 2 new pings.

Simple and straight forward. I can warn my teammates of enemy vision and it has been working great so far. Even in gold, people prepare to clear wards, where enemy vision was pinged. But there is 2 pings I am yet missing. **"Player X is REQUESTING vision HERE"** **"Player X is REQUESTING an ENGAGE HERE"** Do you know these moments when you're about to gank and you just spam ping "ARRIVING, HELP, ARRIVING, HELP" but what you actually want to tell your teammates is "okay, you engage BEFORE I ARRIVE and then I turn the tide of the battle with my gank". Or when you're in a teamfight and you ping "ON MY WAY/HELP" and people don't know if you're just joining your team in their ambition to siege or contest an objective or if you are actually hoping for your entire team to collapse on someone? Do you know these moments as jungle where you've run out of wards but you really need this one bush covered to optimize your jungle route or to improve the success of your gank, or some other reason and you just spam ping someones trinkets to show them quickly "bro need vision". Do you know these moments where you smell the ambush of an enemy zac sitting at the midlane T2 alcove and you just have no ward and just warn ping that alcove because their might POSSIBLY be a Zac, but all you actually need is vision there to see it coming? I do. Yes there is the solution of using "chat". But we all know League is becoming more and more fast paced and next to that I think improving chatless communication and making people able to commit to good plays, without typing a single word in chat, is an overall improvement in communication. Why? Because some people mute chat entirely / ignore it, some people suck at speaking English, some people can't type fast, many people want to actually communicate these things, but have no fast AND clear way of doing so. Also, you can literally just reskin "enemy has vision here" to a green icon instead to "request vision".
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