Why Are Karma Players Upset about the Phoenix Video?

[ ](https://e00-marca.uecdn.es/assets/multimedia/imagenes/2019/10/08/15705717639650.jpg) _**I know I tend to write too much. TL;DR BELOW**_ I know I have been silent for quite a while now, but I didn't feel like saying the same things over and over again. However, I did of course see those: The [Awaken](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF5Ddo9JdpY) video, the absolutely rational [Q-Nerf](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-919-notes) and now the beautiful [Phoenix](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1IKnWDecwA) trailer. Which made me wonder: > **WHY AREN'T KARMA FANS HAPPY?** When seeing the animations I expected the Karma community to rejoice. Karma didn't get an appearance in outgame media since... ever and the community was surely vocal about it. Now we saw her TWICE in nearly half a year in high quality and awesome videos, but the community isn't happy? Why not? At first glance it seemed hippocritical. For years, they loudly demanded attention and now that they got it, they _still_ complain. But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made: The animations aren't the point. Never were. If you have trouble understanding this, like I did, picture this: > _There is a child, whose father works a lot. The child feels neglected, so he rages and cries every night that he isn't there. Desperately his mother pleads to the father, asking him to do something. As a sign of good will the father spends his hard earned money to buy his son a brand new gaming console. But then, of course, never comes to play. The kid's rage and sadness persists, even while holding the very controller his father bought._ Would you be confused if the child wasn't happy, even in the face of such a valuable present? It got something, but not what it asked for. Love. Sure, the Karma community & Riot are very different from a father & his child, but my point is: Asking for attention and getting shiny presents instead will leave you dissatisfied. > **WHAT THE KARMA COMMUNITY NEEDS** My answer: Clearance. Karma has been somewhat of a clusterfuck ever since her creation. She used to be unpopular since her creation in **Season 1** and had abysmal winrates. But she also had potential. And the few people who liked her loved her so much they are still talking about it years later. Her relaunch in **Season 3** modernized her spells and threw half her identity under the bus (most likely due to Riot not being that good with reworks yet) Another "update" in **Season 5**,a few changes since then and I think Riot fell into a trap I usually only see authors fall into: They reworked themselves into a corner. You see, every _"version"_ of Karma was enjoyed by different people. And ever _version_ was played in a dozen different - often inefficient, but fun - ways. There is no way of telling whose love for her is most justified, but Riot tried improving her and created new versions... A similar thing happened to LeBlanc some time ago, but could be somewhat fixed by a quick revert. Karma's chasms, however, are now too old and plentiful to do that... Still, the community NEEDS clearance and coherence, and I think Riot agrees. That's why, roughly a year ago, they allowed NeuroCat to try and rework her. I had the honor of following her journey along in a Discord group and witnessing her struggle. This amazing person that cared about Karma more than any Rioter I had seen before. She tried to please everyone... and ended up pleasing no one. They gave her MONTHS to work on Karma and in the end, the time&money was wasted. I couldn't blame Riot if they just threw up their hands and said _"Well, what the hell are we supposed to do?!? She was the best we had??? Fuck it, we'll work on other things for now."_. This stings a bit - I must admit - but it's probably close to the truth. But there's another reason why Karma should be touched, which has nothing to do with egocentric views: > **CREATING COHERENT CHAMPIONS** In an ideal world, every champion has a role in League. Karma... doesn't. You don't have to be a genius to see that Karma is somewhat bland thanks to her Jack-of-all-Trades kit. If a character can do everything, she can't be good at anything, right? And if she ever _is_, she pushes someone else out of their well deserved niche, who bought that space with fair weaknesses. I think it's reasonable to argue, that Karma, in a way, will _always_ threaten healthy characters if only number juggling is supposed to keep her in balance. Let me get this straight: * Karma's **passive** will ALWAYS be a problem, as long as it's just simple cooldown per enemy hit, * because it rewards only half her kit, which makes the relation to the other half awkward af. * Karma's **RQ** will ALWAYS be a problem, as long as it's her only damage mantra, * because having most of her kit's damage in a single explosion makes it either too strong for 1 ability or her kit too weak. * Karma's **RW** will ALWAYS be a problem, if the scaling isn't reworked, * because it either is unusable for Mage Karmas or borderline broken on Tank Karmas * Karma's **RE** will ALWAYS be a problem, if her whole kit only works to reapply it, * since repetitive shield+speedbuffs are both boring to watch/use and can barely be countered. Those are inherent to her kit, which I think is unfair to burden the Life Balance Team with. The recent Q-nerf and hasty explanation seems like them throwing the towel, tbh. _"We don't know anymore, let's just kill her before she ruins LCS, okay? Okay..."_ I honestly think she NEEDS a rework. But of course _everyone_ wants their _own_ champ to get the most attention. So I don't wanna be a parrot and scream _"REWORK PLZ, REWORK PLZ"_ and at least scream something more sophisticated _"USE MY REWORK PLZ"_ Which, admittedly, puts me morally around 2 microinches above those parrots, but hey, at least I am trying to contribute. > **SOME SUGGESTIONS** For those who know me, I probably don't have to repeat what I want for Karma, but since a lot of time has passed, I think I ought to at least summarize for newcomers: 1. I believe that **RQ** needs to be a ground targeted spell (think Lux E) to make Karma more reliable to play and more reasonable to play against (it should more often land where Karma intends to, but can be dodged through/escaped from, giving it more counterplay). 2. I believe that **RW** needs to be a flat heal that scales STRONGLY with low hp - instead of being based on missing % hp - to keep it usable for toplaners while making it more reasonable for midlaners and allowing it to be easier to balance. 3. I believe **W** needs a _simple_ ally function, to give support Karma more agency, while not pushing too much power into her kit (simple resistances and a shared **RW** heal would suffice). 4. I believe that EVERY **mantra** option needs damage in it. This lifts the damage burden from **RQ**, allows Karma to gain back her signature spell (shieldbomb), while giving her more creativity in all her roles/lanes. 5. I believe that **shieldbomb**, as introduced in **3.5**, is healthier than the current version, evidenced by the fact, that **RE** has only ever become a balance issue since the damage was removed in **5.10** 6. I believe that in a world of damage/CC supports and protection/CC supports, there could be a niche for a damage/protection support, which is why I think the huge root on Karma's **RW** was a mistake (it's only good on paper anyways). This could free up her power budget for more reasonable strengths. Harmonizing damage & shielding in her passive needs to be an objective instead. Quite frankly, I think a damage/protection support would naturally work well as a mage bruiser toplane, if she used that protection on herself. If she does so, however, she can't protect others - and if she protects herself and others it reduces her damage output - which are actually interesting tradeoffs, that can even be forced upon her by clever pressure from her opponents. Please note, that this isn't _my_ final vision for her. In some ways even contradictory to it. But those are, for what I can tell, problematic things that Riot COULD easily adress, while making her healthier, hopefully not upsetting anyone and also NOT requiring a visual update. Which, I would love to get tbh, but I understand Riot's time and budget is limited. > **WHAT DO YOU THINK?** If you think this could actually help Karma, please upvote this. If Riot actually IS as frustrated as I suspect, a coherent vision from the community would help them a lot. If you disagree with my assessment, please let me know. I value every opinion and actually require them to make better suggestions. Yours, SilverSquid > _**TLDR I think Karma fans are upset because they asked for attention for her champ, but are getting animations instead of solutions. I propose the real problem is her really split community and Riot's frustration because they don't know which direction to move her. I suggest a few changes I hope everyone can agree on.**_
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