can anybody explain me this

We're in the lobby. Our jungler says he'll gank lvl 2 as soon as he finishes the 2nd camp. min 2:30: Jungler hasn't ganked. Soraka acts like a tank, gets killed by draven. I managed to kill him too. I'm recalling, clearly out of their sight. But their jungler, kayn, miraculously kills me just becore I'm gone. fast forward to 6:30 : we've been hard pushed under tower all the time, pantheon hasn't ganked once. Draven is now pretty strong, with 2 kills and a vampiric scepter. Between him and lux, I can't get a single farm. Soraka is almost dead. A full wave of ennemy minions are forming under our towers, with very few of ours still alive. THAT is the moment lady pantheon chooses to finally gank. Ovious 3 kills for draven. (ok I could have chosen to not follow, but then panth might have just ragequit; and there was a possibility I might get the shutdown on draven). Why the heck do I always get those junglers? 99% of the time, they don't even make the effort to simply walk on lane so we get a free double kill. I'm seriously wondering because I always get those guys.
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