For the love of god, nerf Rengar until he's on a reasonable state

EVERYONE complains about him, no one has fun playing vs him, everyone finds him extremely obnoxious and idiotic, he's banned a whole lot since his release, can you please make him Yorick-level bad until he's reworked? He's the champion who's most preferred about one trick ponies and there's a damn reason for that: he's an obnoxious cheat if mastered. For the love of god nerf this champion before he keeps on destroying this game for eternity. And before someone tells me "hurr durr you just jumped on the rengar hate train": Rengar is a stupid concept since his release, i always despised his nonsensical 100-0 invis burst kit, i don't give a damn about metagames or such, Rengar is BS since ages.
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