Critical Strike Change Proposal

Ever since the mid season 8 critical strike items rework, critical strikes have been in a rather awkward spot. Before the changes, critical strikes were doing far too much damage to every target, and it often felt like burst per second, rather than damage per second. After the changes, critical strikes feel weak, even at a 3 item build with 100% critical strike chance. Obviously some changes are necessary to get a good middle ground of dealing enough damage with critical strike, without it becoming overbearing, and I have an idea that just might make it work. ___ Change #1: Revert all items change by the critical strike rework, except for Infinity Edge. Change #2: Infinity Edge 70 Attack Damage 20% Critical Strike Chance. Unique **Death By A Thousand Cuts**: Critical strikes against enemy champions deal an additional 50% damage over 3 seconds. This effect can stack, but is not applied by **Guinsoo's Rage**. ___ The goal of this change is to buff critical strike damage back to a similar state prior to the rework, without bringing back the absurd outright damage from a single auto attack. By making the additional critical strike damage a DoT, rather than just up front damage, it keeps critical strikes more oriented towards damage per second. It encourages repeated attacks against a single target, as there won't be damage lost due to the effect being able to stack, and the damage would really add up from multiple attacks. If Riot is going to change critical strike damage, I believe this is the best route to take.
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