I'm going to keep this short. The problem: - Windwall - Passive shielding - Riot's refusal to address the above issues causing Yasuo to be an extremely frustrating coinflip champion that nobody wants to deal with (not even Yasuo mains, I quit playing Yasuo long ago despite half a million mastery) How to fix: - Windwall duration down to 1 second or 1.5 seconds, Windwall expansion removed, spawns further from his character model to avoid 360 protection/clarity issues. - Remove passive shielding, instead Yasuo is shielded every time Yasuo hits an enemy champion with his E. This means that Yasuo can be poked in lane by immobile ranged mids/mages, the intended counterplay to his earlygame. - Revert the E-Nerf and the Q-Buff so that Yasuo will max E again, which means that: -he doesn't win lane instantly by poking melee champions with his Q -he's less clunky to use, and can lasthit reliably with his E, increasing player satisfaction fixed. (Alternative solution for passive shielding welcome. I think it is problematic in its current stage, even though the theoretical counterplay is to pop it with an auto attack, it is up too frequently. Mages also don't want to be auto-attacking Yasuo when he is hardshoving minion waves into them.) > If you make it that the only way he can get shields is hitting an enemy with E, he practically will lose to everything mid if the person playing against them isn't dumb. That's assuming the Yasuo player is dumb. And perhaps a scaling hypercarry shouldn't be able to be shielded during the laningphase for walking around. Yasuo would still be able to farm and trade, perhaps even utilizing Fleet Footwork. Talon and Fizz are midlaners, they don't have sustain or shielding either (unless you count the pitiful heal Talon has on his Q). Sure, Talon has burst, and Fizz has his E, but Yasuo would still generate a shield on trades with the proposed changes.
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