Moving towers? What the f*ck.

Just played a game against a Mundo, who went 2/8 in 16 minutes. With three items and his ult, he then spent the rest of the game impervious to everyone. Every other time he died, it took at least three to bring him down. Otherwise, he was untouchable, and out-damaged everyone on either team, to boot. The understanding has always been, you can tank, or you can damage, but you can't do both unless you're playing really well. He wasn't, he just walked into a big group of people, pressed W, pressed R, and carried the game. I expected to lose, because our ADC decided to play Fiddlesticks, poorly. I did not expect to lose because the Mundo I steamrolled could use two abilities and win any fight where he wasn't greatly outnumbered. My point is, the buff to his ult is waaaaaay out of line. No champion should be able to get that far behind, then out damage and out tank everyone in spite of it. Skill comebacks, absolutely...this was not skill...this is a break in the game. Ordinarily, I'd just permaban Mundo until he gets fixed, but then I get to see Akalis everywhere, who can press W to turn off counterplay for 8 having to use up a slot for a pink/control ward wasn't enough price to counter her W. But that's a rant for a different thread. Someone at Riot will notice Mundo, after a few weeks/months of dealing with this crap. I'm just hoping someone will notice it sooner if I yack about it. Here's a link to the match history of [the game in question](, for curious eyes. Here are links to embedded video clips of the offending Mundo action: EDIT: Several users pointed out that, although they appeared to be doing quite a lot, none of my teammates were actually hitting anything in the videos I posted. Also, some seemed to be confused by the fact that I don't want Mundo to be able to do the same amount of damage as me, AND heal himself for most of his health. To that end, I've replaced the videos with nice little pictures. [Here's the damage]( and [here's the tank.]( TL;DR He did the same amount of damage as me, and self-mitigated almost twice as much...building full tank. my problem.
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