weve seen the whole level 7 thing. but i want level 8 to require one thing. **A TON OF IP** so please riot can you make level 8 champion mastery that you either spend 10 thousand ip/blue essence on (and get a cool emote) or you can spend 30% of all your ip/blue essence (**_DEPENDING ON WHICH IS MORE SO- 10,000 IP/blue is the minimum_**) or just make it cost flat out 10,000 essence. BUT, also a neat feature you can have only 3 champions level 8 at a time. the whole reason for this entire thing is to make it so you can show off where people can see that thats your main champion, many people have a first main and secondary main, or even 3 main or "favorite champions" this is to accommodate all. also it would be nice if in champ select you can see that its a level 8 champion , that way teammates may trust you more when they see it. OR as stated by someone in the comments level 8 could be unlocked after about 1m mastery points.
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