On loading screen for a game right now.. Enemy picks vel koz support My teams akali says "FUCK I SHOULDVE BANNED VELKOZ" "The one time I don't ban him, they pick him. GG" no one says anything.. "Maybe i'll try red smite instead of flash for him." Locks in smite/ignite. First game of the day isn't looking too swell. Edit: Akali did.. some things that were actually pretty okay. My bot lane went 0-10 combined. I spent all game running between mid and bot trying to do damage control. Warmup game really setting the mood for the day lmao. Second game of today (and probably the last) Adc is new to draven, Cool no problem. Notice draven isn't spinning axes, at all. Ever. So I watch closer.. No axes spinning for one minute.. two minutes.. he's full mana.. five minutes.. I speak up. "Draven spin your axes" "I'm new to draven" Flash forward 15 minutes. 0-9 draven still isn't spinning his axes. No worries we have a diamond 5 on our team. Lets just check in on him.. Ad bard top against a malphite. No bueno. 0-7 at 15 minutes. ends game 3-11. Today's not a good day for league.
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