Done trying in Ranked, Now just playing for fun

Honestly i'm done trying in ranked, and i'm just solely playing for fun now. With the fact that riot still hasn't realized they need to remove duo queue so Smurfs have less reasons to troll lower elo? I mean i'm seriously tired of coming up against smurf accounts in silver bronze and iron, that use their accounts to boost duo queues then simply throw a few other matches just to get set up to boost some one again for money " Yes riot believe it or not PEOPLE ACTUALLY PAY FOR BOOSTS" You even said it on your last update letter that you want to stop artificial boosting, Well then why haven't you stopped the one thing that CAUSES this artificial boosting and remove the ability to DUO queue in Solo Queue. I mean every one knows how your current system works. You go on a win streak and your promotion skips ranks to boost you, well guess what.. its not hard to " play bad" a game or two just to drop your elo some and even out before you start winning some more. So with that said i'm done Trying to Climb, I lose more games cause a lane gets smashed by a Duo queue smurf then I do getting out played and trying to learn. Any ways, that's the end of my rant.
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