After winning 8-9 games straight i dont think ill leona anymore after getting to g3 >=(

So in the lower elos I was able to abuse leonas kit a little to climb. now it seems as the teams get tougher everyone is a mage/burst and as a tank leona i am mitigating nothing. They are killing me as fast as they kill my carrys it seems, only i dont do any type of real damage. I see why catchers are popular because with how bursty the meta is, whoever can make it a 4v5 wins the game via 1 pull where they are super out of position. As Leona I have to literally dive into the team, but diving I die just as quick as an assassin but i dont have any of the escapes assassins usually have so i just feel so useless. Maybe i am playing Leona wrong, but I went pure tank..puure tank and got ate. Got that AOE shield thing and it soaked no damage.
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