Kha'zix is currently everything assassins have been reworked away from

Remember this guy{{champion:107}}? He used to be able to gain true invisibility, 1 shot someone with absolutely 0 warning and was completely unfair. He has now been reworked into a state where his stealth is a camouflage, grants enemies a warning in the form of a sound, screen blur and an icon above the estimated target. Remember release {{champion:28}}? True invisibility for 60 seconds that would stun you with her initiation and burst you down. Today Evelynn has camouflage and has to work for her CC by handing the enemy a warning. Now we have {{champion:121}} in our games, being able to perma stealth through an entire jungle section, bypass ANY type of warding and literally 1 shot somebody from stealth, with absolutely no warning. Kha'zix takes it to the next level though; the difference between him and Rengar/Evelynn/Shaco, is that he can actually disengage afterwards. Once he has oneshot somebody, he can instantly reenter the very same stealth he attacked from 2 times, and if that's not good enough he has a resetable leap to guarantee his success. This is everything we reworked other champions for plus more, why do we pretend that this is okay to have on a champion?
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