Revamp the Honor-initiative to decrease toxicity and make for a more fun Game-environment

So, it's been months since I've last seen someone with a Honor badge and I haven't been using the system myself, seeing that it doesn't feel really Impactful and doesn't seem to do its job to reward other players for their great attitude or teamplay. League has had this stigma to it, saying that the community might just be the most toxic in gaming history and sometimes the game environment can feel really hostile, especially to new players. I personally feel in order for the community to grow through interacting in the game itself the Honor initiative has to be revamped. We already nerd out about Fanart, Cosplay and other stuff, League being a great basis to socialize and express yourself but in game this kinda falls short at times due to the lack of initiative to actually interact with fellow players- "OMG NOOB JUNGLER NO GANKS" Is a lot more common than maybe friendly banter or tips and I feel this could easily be fixed if we were to revamp the Honor initiative to actually reward shining examples of the league community. Just like Overwatch the end screen should entail some High-End stats and a few medals you could distribute to your team, giving them the usual stuff like "Friendly", "Teamwork" but also "MVP", "Shotcaller" but also funny stuff like "Humorous" or simply "Funky Playstyle" for that one Singed top that made the game look like a frigging circus. The System is outdated, yes and there needs to be some actual reasons to actually award players. Badges, more Hextech crafting components and more would help people actually want to Honor and give them a reason to socialize and see the other players for what they are: Human beings. Any other ideas on how to improve this outdated function with so much untapped potential?
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