Why does Yi get so much hate?

I'll be the first to admit he's easy to learn and play. I once hid in a bush, answered a text and heard "You have killed an enemy" because he auto'd some poor sap that walked through it. At low elo's, where I'm at, he's usually banned. When I go against him, I do fine. He goes negative more often than he goes positive. But any time I'm him, I get the "brain dead Yi" thing almost every time. Many time, it starts before the game even begins. Pros dont usually play him, and when I mention that, they say because he's too easy to dominate with. But, a pro will research the most OP pick for the meta and play them. Pros also know how to easily counter Yi. I don't get it. Is he easy to play, of course. Do you always dominate with him, most dont. The guy I just played as jungle, a Xin, started at the beginning of the game how Yi was brain dead and how only brain dead players play him. He kept it up all game. Even after I was 8-1 and he was 1-5 and found out on op.gg that two games ago, he just went 2-4 as Yi. Ended up going something like 21-2 while he was about 10-10, and we won the game easily.
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