I like how Riot has effectively killed the support role, and still hasn't even addressed the issue.

(Note: I posted this on GD like a month ago, which doesn't appear on the front page. I'm reposting it here to get a red response. Why? Because, basically, I called it: compared to a month ago, queue times for non-support roles are MUCH MUCH longer) What do I mean? Before dynamic queue I would play jungle 90% of the time and support 10% of the time. Day 1 of dynamic queue: I go jungle/support and get support 90% of the time. Day 2 and onward: I go jungle/mid and take Eve jungle or mid. So I haven't played support in over ~~a month~~ (note: now over 2 months), and at this point I'm good enough at mid that I will never play support again, as I have no desire to relearn the role even if they fix their broken system. Let me rephrase: before dynamic queue I was a potential support player. Now I will never play support again. I have entirely removed myself from the potential support pool of players. And in the long run, as more and more people follow suit, that means longer queue times for everyone on average (due to Riot's attempt to shorten them in the short-term). (note: see? called it) Link to old thread: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/GD/jzIUoATk-i-like-how-riot-has-effectively-killed-the-support-role-and-still-hasnt-even-addressed-the-issue [](http://i.imgur.com/nwsPMut.jpg)
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