Who do you most want seen in Team Fight Tactics down the line?

For me it's: {{champion:9}} obviously would have fiddle ult, but maybe instead of high damage, make it unique and have a chance to fear with lower damage. {{champion:35}} Either using shaco ult or give him boxes he puts down ever so often {{champion:143}} and/or {{champion:74}} obviously making their pets. {{champion:14}} Would start at 100 mana just like Blitz and ult in at the start. {{champion:20}} just like sion, he'd also start with 100 mana and use nunu W to run into your team {{champion:68}} flamespitter would be pretty cool {{champion:254}} instantly ults whoever has all your items when she gets her ult up {{champion:420}} I feel like her ult would be interesting on this {{champion:3}} Galio ult would be kinda cool, have him ult the lowest HP unit dying on his team {{champion:245}} have him ult, making him more of a tank/tanky assassin with him getting his health back for damage taken Maybe make a new class called Fear for all the fearing units: {{champion:9}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:56}} ....Though I feel Noc would be kinda boring, nothing in his kit really doesn't anything fun, just ults someone.

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