Weekly reminder that Riot removed ARAM bans even if they greatly enhanced the game experience

Going to keep this one short and sweet this week: Bring back bans. From the feedback of people playing ARAM, it is pretty clear a lot of people want them back since a lot of threads, forum posts and comments on different media got a lot of support for keeping bans, especially here on the boards, where the opposition was composed of a lot of people also using... suspicious accounts let's say. The gamemode was incredibly enjoyable with it; even if no one has the same game experiences in ARAM, everybody were able to ban either champions with insane winrate, annoying champions, champions boring to play against, champions boring to play AS, or even champions that were too repetitively present in the past games. Edit: shout out to the guy who's been posting furry NSFW art here for about 8 hours straight now. I'm not really encouraging his behavior or anything, I'm just amazedthat he is still going at it with just some mere comments who got deleted amongst the several other ones who are still up.
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