Doom Bots of Doom Re-Enabled until 11/3!

Happy Spook-o-ween, Summoners! Due to an error, we erroneously disabled Doom Bots of Doom: The Teemoing, and The Gauntlet earlier than intended. We've gone ahead and re-enabled the mode, and will extend it up until end of the day on 11/3, and the disable will follow the schedule that the Rotating Game Modes normally do (4am on 11/4, local time for most regions). As a reminder, you can earn the icon by winning 1 game of Doom Bots, in either "The Teemoing" OR "The Gauntlet". :) Sorry for the inconvenience! Go forth, and vanquish many Doom Bots! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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