WTF can you even do as ADC if every other lane feeds?

Title. Just played a game where every lane other that bot and jg was just hard feeding. Teemo top was 1/5 by 5 minutes. Yasuo mid 1/7 by 5 minutes. I stay under tower with support, but enemy jungler is so far ahead (I.E at 10 minute, Quinn btw) that they just one shot us under tower. Yi gets a kill, but that's it the whole game. End 0/6/0, literally had no opportunity to do anything the entire game. Teemo and Yasuo keep pushing in waves and dying to ganks. Is there anything I can do in situations like this? Because I wasn't pushing up or doing anything, just sitting and farming under tower but still died. At that point is it just GG go next, or is there a way to recover if you're not ahead of enemy bot lane (we were even at that point)?
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