Fights should last longer

This game high damage makes it way less fun. Fights should last at least double as they last now. This is the most fun part of the game and it's all so flashy and instant it's unsatisfying in most cases, win or lose. Now you either burst or get bursted. The best fights are at low levels, where people actually last more than 2-3 sec. They need to think about this: remove a part of the mobility (flash for ex), increase endurance for all players and make fights last longer. This will make games better in all ELOs: - low ELO: it won't be as punishing to get a little out of position, it will decrease feeding and fix a part of the snowballing issue - high ELO: it will emphasize strategy more and skill expression by being able to manage resources better and it will be more obvious than a quick reflex, making players utilize the skills more than just 1 one-shot skill combo - competitive: fights are the best part. Nobody wants to see farming. And fights are scarce in competitive. Making them last so a few seconds is often anti-climatic Another benefit would be tunning ADCs to finally be DPS, not crit burst that are now and make kitting way more important. Also, Assasins can be tunned for having higher than average damage, but not be the one-shots that are now punishing low hp and clearing the battlefield
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