Why the new Fiora ruined Fiora

You can't jungle with her anymore... I jungle my brains out and I'm 2 levels behind everybody with the new Fiora. Either I just suck or Riot nerfed my champ! I used to get 40 and 0... Now I get games that are like 0 and 12 quite often. People say that I just haven't adapted to the new Fiora and that she's actually more op! But they lie... They are liars and must never play Fiora. I played Fiora all day every day and I was the best. Now I'm worse than anybody and I blame Riot. I blame Riot for ruining my champ and ruining my gaming experience. I don't like any of the other champs... And now with Grand Challenge I use the skill and someone just steals my kill and the ult is useless... I really just want to kill myself. Every game I want to just feed and get 0 and 40... There is nothing I can do anymore to carry bad players. I hate what you've done. You ruined the best champ. Before they even talk I want to slay everyone who is about to open their mouth about it but I can't... Fiora is nerfed.
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