Can we stop the bard hate?

I just started playing bard today, and he is a FUCKING BLAST. I dont think ive ever had this much fun with a champion before. But in both of the games ive played with him, at least 2 people have complained in the champion select. I even had someone tell me that "bard is an instant loss for any team". Well, not only did I win that game, but I had much more fun than the person who told me that. And btw, he really isnt that bad. His heal is kinda weak, admittedly, but his meep autoattacks WRECK people once they get their AOE. And his ult has a ton of uses. His magical journey and heals give anyone a crazy amount of mobility. I outran a katarina, and a lee sin chasing me and jax, who were both at only like 200 hp, and BOTH kat, and lee sin burned flash. While me and jax didnt even need to. He really is good, not top teir, not the next pre nerf leona, but he is a solid champ, that nobody should complain about.
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