People miss the point of marksman ADCs

Because ADCs were so dominate in PvP for so long it feels like everyone has forgotten the area where they shine the most and why they're NEEDED in every game...objectives! Sure champs like Katarina can 100-0 but have you ever watched her try to solo a tower? It's lol! Mages like Syndra may be able to blow you up but she can't R the nexus! I personally hope things continued to be tweaked in ALL roles so we can focus more on team fights and objectives instead of this clown fiesta and judging who is OP and who isn't based off 1v1 scenarios. This obviously won't make ADC mains happy as they could now be considered a support in their own right. Now if rito would cap damage across the board to allow for REAL counter play and strategy I'd be in heaven. :)
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