Assassins fell out of favor because of Supports and ad carries. not mages

while. there are few mages that do completely shut down assassins and need changes {{champion:34}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:8}} and there are certainly things to do to make laning with an assassin doable. rather than "I can't contest CS well against this mage, I have to all in him if I kill him. I win, if I don't. I hope my team carries me" because thats how it has been Assassins were viable in all of league history season 1 through season 5. they were not the best choice. they weren't as viable as mages mid lane. or as tanks in the jungle. but they were an option that was good often. not extremely niche as it is now I have played league for a long time. and watched it as well. Assassins became (in general) trash tier around the end of season 5. what happened is that kill gold mattered less, and gold from baron/towers and global gold became more impactful. ambient gold increased. and since then support gold more than doubled. supports got items that increased their shielding and healing, nobody ever goes oom anymore. ADCs got runes that give damage, the best damage scaling class. so they started to be strong around mid game instead of late game. and some of them like caitlyn are just straight up godlike in the early game. supports and ad carries . but 80% of the blame is on supports. is why ad carries are shit. if the assassin cannot kill your ad carry, they are useless, thats it. what is he/she going to do if they get exahusted, locket + ability shield. even without half the summs its very hard to kill an ad carry. hell both flash heal are down. who is going to go through a locket shield. and exahust and lifesteal. its just not doable instant health regeneration and shielding are ridiculous. shield stacking is bs. there are far too many champions that have/give shields. supports don't even build AP anymore. they go straight tank/utility items because Riot made their shield base value be enough with how much free shield bonuses you get from items. and their upped up the base value. Tanks aren't strong (outside one or two.) nobody is really stopping assassins from being strong except for the most part supports and ad carries. yes I get few mages make it quite near impossible to even lane and those I listed above. I know Elise isn't a mage but Elise is like the "pick if enemy has assassin" jungler because she has two ways of shutting down any attempt with cc and invulnerability. People in high elo would rather pick a mage that is shit against assassins than an assassin, because they don't really function outside of chaos. nerfing mages won't do shit. mages are the only class of champions not named ad carry that can even be reliable in team fights damage wise nowdays.
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