Riven has the same problem a lot of other champions have.

CDR itemization is too strong and too easy to get. Riven's use to build Ravenous Hydra, defensive boots unless snowballing, potential defensive item or BC with no CDR, etc. Now she can get 40% cdr by 1 item plus boots. {{item:3071}} + {{item:3158}} or two items {{item:3071}} + {{item:3156}} or {{item:3142}}. Getting 10% from runes. Giving Black Cleaver CDR might have been a huge mistake on Riot's part, as well as popping it onto almost every other AD/AP/Tank/Support item in the game XD maybe they felt because people loved urf so much they would make the normal game mode urf. Anyway. I feel CDR being so easily accessible is part of why Riven is toxic in the eyes of some players, she doesn't have to choose damage, tankiness or CDR, she can get it all just from Black Cleaver, like every single other AD top laner. I personally feel this itemization has countered all of Riot's progress in dropping the total AD and AP available from items. Thus letting powercreep happen despite those drops. How do you feel? Sincerely - ribbitmain *boingboing*
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