If you ask me, I only have one complaint about Neeko

And it's her Auto-Attack range. Considering her entire kit is long-range, for her to be able to safely 3-hit-passive a poke that requires no drawbacks is a little too much forgiving for a kit like hers. The only other burst-mages with an attack range of 550 or higher are Lux, Zoe, Veigar (Also at 550) and Annie (625) and all of them have something that withdraws them from extensiely poking with the range: - Lux' AA deals virtually zero damage without her passive proc which requires her to use her skills which, mind me, cost a lot of mana early. - Annie and Veigar have no AA-empowering mechanics (unless they for SOME REASON build lich bane) - Zoe's Skills can't ignore unit collision so her consistently using her passive-empowered AA is a tickle without the skills behind it, also similar issue with lux. Her mana-costs are mediocre but her cooldowns are comparably short so if she tries to use her passive a lot she will run out of mana quickly. Neeko has none of those drawbacks for a burst-mage with 550 attack range: - Her skills ignore unit collision entirely, and her Root even profits from it. - She can safely back out if she is baited into an even remotely unsafe positioning using her W. - Thanks to her Root duration after at least 2 unit hits she can fire an entire 3 AA-serie into you with absolutely zero danger or risk yet with all the reward. If I had to do precisely one change about her kit, it's either remove her 3 hit passive or shorten her AA range to 500 from 550.
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