Ya done ****ed it up, Riot.

Let's talk about Neeko. Or, "ulterior motives have yet again caused Riot to lose the plot, drop the ball, fumble the snap, and several other largely sports-derived metaphors". I gave them a shot with Neeko. They don't deserve it. They haven't deserved it for years. But I said "Okay. I have this event to finish. I may as well at least give Neeko a try. I mean this kit is _my thing_. A chameleon? Please. I can run with this all day." So I decided I'd give her a chance to bring me back to the game. She failed miserably. I'm going to put aside her eye-raking design and every bit of annoyance about her character, of which there are at least a dozen. I'm going to talk **purely about gameplay**, as fits the board. **Passive:** Utterly useless. You might use it to trick an enemy into focusing the wrong champion for 0.2 seconds, if you're lucky. And that's it. That's all you're doing with it. At BEST you can trick the enemy into thinking you're backdooring, but all they have to do is click on the minimap and they'll see you don't actually have your Yi's attack speed. This does nothing. Zero. Naught. None. Nada. Nashi. Meiliao. Shunya. It's worthless. It's a wasted ability slot. **Q:** Damage is far too shallow to be effective in the least. If you're lucky and a fight breaks out where a few minions are low, you can use it to zone for a few seconds. But it's far too easy to avoid and deals far too little damage to actually be effective in a fight. **W:** I had _very_ high hopes for this one, but it turns out it comes with a _very obvious design flaw that Riot's team should be sent back to school for not noticing._ The active ability **gives you bonus movement speed**. This means that 99% of the time, **the enemy bloody knows which one is the clone**, and in most cases it seems they have a pretty good idea where you're actually going, too. This ability hasn't worked a single time for me, and you're looking at someone who earned the title "Duke of Juke" by using LeBlanc's clones to fool enemies out of their skin. **E:** It's a snare. It's short. It does its job. No major complaints, but it's underwhelming. **R:** Hahahaha whaaaat is this even? It has zero thematic blend with her concept and isn't exactly cohesive with her kit either. The only time this has a snowflake's chance in hell of working is if you're disguised first, but again, major flaw, back to school for Riot: Either your opponents are staying away from you thinking you're someone dangerous, so your ult won't work anyway, or you're surrounded by enemies already and **disguise will be dropped the moment you're touched**. Come _on_ guys, I thought you were big time? Don't you hire professionals? This kind of shoddy consideration for eventualities is a _dismal_ display of those degrees I presume you earned. ------ # **Let me, just off the top of my head, provide an alternative for how Neeko might work:** **Passive:** While Neeko is close to terrain (think Taliyah passive close), she gains a small amount of bonus movement speed and her body takes on the appearance of the terrain. After remaining stationary by terrain for 2.5 seconds, she becomes completely invisible while stationary. While her chameleon'd form is visible, it can't be directly targeted. Attacking un-chameleons her for 0.5 seconds. Taking damage un-chameleons her for 2 seconds. **Q:** Neeko lashes out with her tail in a short-range skillshot. Enemies in her path are dealt damage and slowed by a small amount for 1.5 seconds. Enemies caught at the tip of the skillshot are instead stunned for 2 seconds. **W:** Neeko passively takes on the properties of the terrain she's touching, gaining bonus armor if she's touching lane walls or towers, or shortening the invisibility of her passive delay by <1.75 seconds at rank 5> while touching jungle terrain. Actively, Neeko creates a clone of herself that uses her Q on the nearest enemy, then runs in the target direction for 3 seconds. If used while an ally champion is within <roughly Guardian distance>, Neeko will additionally transform into that champion for <8 seconds at rank 5>. Transforming immediately breaks stealth. Neeko's abilities are still usable in this state. W cooldown begins after transformation ends. **E:** Neeko springs forward and latches onto an enemy champion, slowing their movement speed substantially. Neeko is untargetable by the latched champion, but can still be hit by other enemies and AoE attacks. Neeko can jump off with a lunge at any time by recasting, or will automatically let go where she stands 2 seconds after her target takes damage. Neeko can cast other abilities while latched. **R:** Copies the last non-ultimate ability the nearest ally used. Cooldown is the ability's base cooldown +10/8/6/4/2. If a target is latched, Neeko will instead use the last ability her target did. Level and base cooldown are factored based on Neeko's Q, not the current level of the ally's ability. All scaling is done with Neeko's stats. Just off the top of my head.
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