ARAM should have EVERY champ unlocked

ARAM really should make it so every person who plays it has a random chance to get any single champion thats currently available in the game. It will make it feel more random ARAM-Only accounts wont be stacked with OP setups anymore It will allow people to play champs they might not otherwise be able to And after all its a "FOR FUN" game mode, so why not apply this feature? Edit: Catching a little steam in the thread. Some players point out riot not wanting to give access to all game content via ARAM by unlocking every champ in a random "for fun" game mode, but at the same time, my counter argument to that is that given enough time in blind pick, a player without ever purchasing a single champion, will also eventually get to experience every champion through "FREE WEEK" access. So I feel this argument as some players have pointed out, is not a valid reason as to why there can't be all champions unlocked in ARAM. Edit 2: Solid contribution > [{quoted}](name=Ayame Isaki,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yETFlOKF,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2016-03-18T13:54:39.849+0000) > > Personally, I think this is a terrible idea. I only have one account and it certainly not optimized for ARAM, so I'm not one of the "abusers" you are targeting. I simply do not enjoy champs I do not own; hell I don't even enjoy a few of the champs I do own. > > But before you down vote, I have an idea you might like that is a compromise; there is a happy medium to be found with some changes to the way the champ select currently works for ARAM. > > * Make All Champs available! > * Break the champ select into phases (it already is long when you don't even get to pick, so no extra time added) > * Phase 1: Trade phase. Let people trade for champs they want. I hate it when someone rerolls a champ I wanted to trade for; they could have rerolled the champ I got stuck with and I could have had someone I enjoy. 30 seconds. > * Phase 2: Reroll phase. Everyone gets 1 free reroll per match. Additionally, add a new feature called "Pool Roll" that will randomly select a champion you own if and only if you have at least X number of champions (the absolute minimum is 11; see math below). These rolls will be earned like they are today for normal ARAM rerolls; the larger your champ pool the faster you acquire these. > > **Why are these changes necessary (and why do they not break the spirit of this proposal)?** > > Let's ignore trades for a moment (as that math is really complicated and involves some psychology). > > I own maybe 20 champs. Let's round the champ pool to 120. That means I own 16.67% of the champions in the game. That means I have a 16.67% chance of getting a champ I own (this ignores the fact I don't play all of them, so the probability of getting a champ I actually know how to play is even worse). > > That means, amortized over many games, I have a 1 in 6 chance of getting a champion I own. I'm sure there are others like me who would say "I have to play 5 games I'll hate to play one game I might enjoy; no thanks" and simply stop playing ARAM. > > Enter my changes. The free reroll does NOT double your chances of getting a champ you own. Think of a coin flip. If you flip a coin once, you have a 1 in 2 chance of getting heads. If you flip it twice, are you guaranteed to get heads? Nope. However, it is actually even more complex in reality. > > Let's do the math; there are two ways I can get a champ I own. Let S be the number of champions that I own, and let A represent all the champs. > > Either I rolled one to start (S / A) or I rerolled a champ I didn't own to try and get a champ I down using the free reroll which is the probability that I didn't roll a champ I own and then got one on the reroll. > > That latter calculation is complicated. Why? Because the champion pool has been diluted; we have A - 10 champions available to you at the moment you hit that button. Up to 9 of those 10 removed could be champions you own, or 10 if you are rerolling a champ you own for some reason. That's why you have to have 11 to get the "champ I own" magic roll, so you have a champ to reroll to! > > So, we need to determine the average probability you get a champ you own on a reroll (assuming you didn't already have a champ). > > There are 9 cases (or 10, if you want to include yourself, but we are going "ARAM ONLY ACCOUNT" worst case, so 9). > > P = ((A - S) / A) * ((S - N) / (S - 10)) > > Where N is the number of champions you own that are held by other players in select. The greatest chance of you getting a champ you own occurs where N is zero, so let's calculate that. > > P = ((A - S) / A) * (S / (A - 10)) > > Plugging in my numbers from above, we get: > > P = ((120 - 20) / 120) * (20 / 110) > > Which is: > > P = (5 / 6) * (2 / 11) = 15.15% > > Making my total chance, with a free reroll, in the absolute most favorable case for me, of a whopping 31.81% chance. So just shy of 1 in 3 games I can get a champ I own (every 3 or 4 games). > > That is pretty reasonable! Remember, that is the absolute most favorable outcome for me; on the flip side (assuming the 9 other champs are champs I own, the calculation becomes really unfriendly very quickly for small pool accounts, which are what ARAM only accounts tend to be, and more and more friendly the more champions you own). > > So, basically I have created a system that punishes ARAM only accounts (and small pool accounts like my own; see below on how I my plan offsets this) while rewarding those who play a wide range of champions. > > **Champion Pool Only Reroll** > > Now, there are those of thus who don't want to own a large champion pool; why should we be punished for those who abuse the system? > > Enter the "Pool Roll". You earn these based on your champion pool size just like you do normal rerolls today. This allows you to guarantee you reroll a champ you own. This is awesome for small pool champ accounts (small pool accounts tend to be more experienced over all per champ than large champ pool accounts), though it will be available less frequently than large pool accounts (softening the impact). > > This means that if all else fails, I have an option to at least play a champion I own. > > How fast these special rolls are earned is something that should be investigated; given the new trade phase and free reroll, I'm pretty sure it should not be as quickly as normal rerolls are earned currently. > > This strikes a balance as it makes ARAM only accounts less attractive while lessening the punishment of those who don't want to play a wide variety of champs. This also provides incentive to those of us in the latter category to pony up and play a champ we don't know or like to earn that guaranteed chance to play a champion we do know and like.
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