why riot reworked him in the first place is beyon dme he was perfectly fine. To tell you the truth he and uydr were more or less the exact same, minus skarner was better dur to he has more damage and his ult is better. But people will down vote and say skarner is op ..... have you played pre spire skarner? yes lets give him a useless stupid passive but we will allow his ganks to be a little bette rthen they were before.... but lets make his clear times slower yah thats super smart. Cool story riot lets make it so his passive was how his q used to be... but yes riot give him a little ad scaling that will solve issues ..... pfff umm no. The spires are prolly the most useless passive in the game period... i cant think of a worse one then his. He used to be my best jungler and really the only jungler i used a lot... now im like i want to play him then i do and im like screw this this mofo is weak. Cant split push cant clear very well ...relies on small areas of the map to be effective yet sadly enemies can capture them so ur giving them free gold and in turn making ur passive more useless........old skarner could aoe stun for days if u had tiamat ...qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq. for those of u who dont knwo let em explan every knows jinx? ill take that as a yes. Pretend powpow was how skarners q used to be awseome right....spire skarner would be say jinx has to hit her e in order to gain attack speed for 1 sec? tell whats stronger ? thats how skarner is now ? thanks for fcking up some of the very small hand full of champs i actuall like to play riot. scroll to 3:40 secs

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