The reason why Twitch received buffs

We all know how frustrating it is for a Rat to be almost invisible around the map 24/7, {{champion:29}} is broken, but one problem arose all of a sudden, Stronger ADCs {{champion:18}} {{champion:110}} . So now in order to balance the competition, they buffed him. guess whats gonna happen? ANOTHER adc will prove to be weaker, so they will buff him/her, and so forth. It's funny how in the last couple of seasons the normal decent win ratio was around 47%, now Riot is trying so hard to keep most champions on 50%+ win ratio , knowing how a lot of those have high pick ratio. Keep buffing the ADCs Rito, but lets give {{champion:62}} from 3.2 to 4 AD per level and {{champion:91}} an extrea 10% on the returning Rake [[Rake (W) return AD ratio increased from 60% to 70%]] , yes, good job buff the R then revert, then buff the harder part of the "W", then they be like " we wanna be careful around buffing {{champion:62}} / {{champion:91}} , we don't wanna over do it".
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