Unpopular Opinion: The Majority of Players are Inherently Not Good

As one such voice of the opinions of the few in Platinum or up, we can collectively come to the conclusion that your complaints prove that your are not inherently skilled at the game (hence the Bronze-Gold ranks). As a platinum player, I don't believe I am good, even if I'm top 3.7% in North America. That means all of you random low elo players constantly blaming Riot's balancing team that have already specifically stated they balance for Plat+ since changes below that don't really impact low elo. This being said, that means the main problem for low elo is not certain random stomp picks or bad teammates, it's your lack of game knowledge. Sure, you might have amazing mechanics (press d to doubt) but you can't do anything if you don't know how to close out a game (MACROOOO). Everytime I see the most upvoted post being "Leblanc is broken" "Irelia is broken" "Graves is broken" "Jax is broken" "Viktor top is broken", a little part of me realizes League of Legends will soon be just a bunch of terrible players when all the decent ones quit. Stop complaining. Maybe improve yourself instead of thinking you're the next Faker with 4 boulders weighing you down in Bronze. Because guess what, you're not. You just keep making excuses. Now I know the result of this post will be me being downvoted to hell, but who cares. All that will do is prove my point that the majority of players are bad (which is also proven by how ranks work) which means your opinions and rants are not always correct.
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